New Home Construction

Our specialty is designing and building your new home (or other building) using the newest techniques and products, ensuring you have the highest quality we can achieve. We work together with each and every client in order to ensure your design goals are met.

Why choose us?

  • 25+ years of construction experience – our experience means you can have confidence.
  • Strong customer communication – we keep you informed at all times to provide maximum flexibility and satisfaction.
  • Adaptability – we will tailor the build to fit your needs, deadlines, and budget.
  • Punctuality – we get the job done, on time, every time.

Not sure if we’re right for the job? We give free estimates on all construction jobs, so check us out below.

Passive Home Design

We specialize in building sustainable, efficient Passive Homes for our clients. Legacy Mountain Builders is a PHIUS Certified Passive House Builder.

What is a Passive Home?

More than just a home with energy efficient products and solar panels, a Passive House is actually the world’s leading standard in energy efficient construction—providing up to 80% savings on energy compared to standard new builds! Passive Houses have become popular in Europe over the past 25 years and are a growing concept for construction in the U.S. A Passive House is a cost-efficient, high quality, healthy, and sustainable option for new homes. In a nutshell, building a Passive House can give you comfort, healthy indoor air quality, and reduced energy costs. To top it off, they are also affordable to build.

Passive Houses feature the following superior design components:

  • Energy reduction
  • Insulation
  • Air tightness
  • Ventilation with heat recovery
  • Design avoiding thermal bridges
  • Highly efficient windows
  • Innovative heating technology
  • Energy balance
  • Solar orientation
  • Mold reduction

With rising energy costs and a growing awareness of indoor pollutants and environmental hazards, the time for Passive Home builds to be considered has come.

Considering a Passive Home? We give free estimates on all construction jobs.

Passive Home Retrofitting

If you like the idea of passive, but don’t have the time or budget to tear your house down and replace it (and who has time for that), we can remodel your current house to become more energy-efficient. While having the full benefit of passive energy requires specific techniques to be used during initial construction, we can use many of the same techniques to increase your sustainability and decrease your energy bill.

Ready to start the transition? We provide free estimates for all construction jobs.


We will provide a professional opinion, give recommendations and aid with the design of your projects. Gain another perspective on your build, avoid costly mistakes, and begin your project on a firm foundation.


Need a bit more space? We can build additions onto your existing home, using the same care, techniques, and quality service we provide for new homes. We provide free estimates for all construction projects, so give us a call.


If you need a few changes made on your existing house, we can do that too. We provide free estimates on all our construction jobs, so let us know what you need done. We use quality products to complete your project in order to ensure your enjoyment for a long time to come.